Mythological Novel - Peach Blossom Forest1

If the water god married to the East China Sea girl less than three years to the East China Sea water prince added a man, if the water, the East China Sea two happy.

The East China Sea water Jun himself is particularly proud, for his son to do the full moon wine invitations scattered all over the sky and the ground, even a father a niang live in the fox hole also sent a.

Mom and Dad have been traveling for hundreds of years. The eldest brother, the second brother and the third brother settled down and divided the fief, while the fourth brother went to the West Mountain to look for his lost mount Bi Fang Bird. So I'm the only one in charge of the fox hole.

I took the post against the light to the water curtain outside the hole for a long time, because I thought of the difficult labor when A Niang gave birth to me, it seems that it is to ask the East China Sea water Lord his great-grandfather's wife to help to eat a lot of suffering, so I held a pumpkin size pearl, ready to go to the East China Sea.

I was not good at knowing the way, so I went to the old man next door to ask for the branches of the tree.

The tree is born black, and gives birth to the five - colored flowers. But the flower was of no use except for light at night.

I love the branches of the valley of the lost, as long as you have a branch, you will never get lost.

Mi Gu Lao er body is a Mi Gu tree, Hongmeng at the beginning of the long in the south of the mountain.

When she was pregnant with her elder brother, she ran away from home with Daddy and got lost in the mountain. When daddy found a niang, worry about the next time a niang alone away from home and lost, so simply put the Zhaoyao mountain only tree lost valley tree back to the green hill, planted to the door.

Green Hill is a blessed land of Xianxiang. This tree is a mystery valley, bathing the essence of the sun and the moon, and following the four hours of gas. After three thousand years, it has become a human form. After three thousand years, sat into a small fairy.

Papa gave him a few bundles of bamboo as a gift. With these bundles and some thatch, he built three huts next to the fox's hole and joined us as neighbors.

Because it is the fairy of the country of Green hill, he followed the other fairies and called Daddy a king.

In fact, the valley is not old, I was born more than two thousand years after he was mended into a human, red lips and white teeth, a pair of peach blossom eyes slightly pick.

Most of the fairy fairy Qingqiu asked A Niang as a matchmaker to him, but not once.

Migu Lao Er looks like a romantic shape, but very heavy courtesy. Every time you see me, you should bow to me with both hands and call me "aunt" respectfully. I appreciate the courtesy.

This time when the old man gave me the branches of the tree, he looked quite depressed. He did not know who was annoying him. If he asked him, he could not avoid listening to him. I thought or cautiously, got something immediately pinch a formula to attract auspicious clouds, press the cloud head straight to the East China Sea.

There are ten miles of peach groves in the east of the East China Sea.

The third brother heard that I would go to the East China Sea for dinner, had sent a special message to me, asking me to go back to the fold Yan Fu to ask him for two POTS of peach blossom drunk.

Folding Yan is the master of ten Li peach forest, an old phoenix that even he can not remember his exact age.

A Niang said that fold Yan is the first phoenix surrogacy since the beginning of time. The Father himself raised him in a higher position than he is today.

When I was born, there were no signs of the Father in this world.

Dad and Mom took me to see the face. He raised his eyebrows sideways and smiled at Dad with a tight mouth. "Is this the girl your mother recently gave you? He's a very nice little thing."

The origin of folding Yan and Qingqiu country is mainly from the beginning of A Niang.

It is said that ten thousand years ago, fold Yan had begged for a niang, even betrothal gifts are sent to the door.

But A Niang look is my that elm wood head, straight neck is not nodding.

For this fold Yan still and daddy thoroughly and profusely hit a fight, after hitting two people became sworn brothers however.

After the year, daddy eight big sedan will usher a niang green hill, or please fold Yan marriage.

According to their seniority, I and the above several elder brothers have to honor the face of a "uncle".

But he never "for the old do not respect", firmly believe that he is actually very young, who dare to call him old on the title he will be able to bear a grudge for thousands of years.

So, we had to be afraid to follow the father and mother directly call his name.

Although Folding Yan makes a good wine, I do not like the wine at the banquet.

"Retire three circles, don't ask the world of mortals, elegant taste, taste is more elegant than the mysterious god on the appeal" is his positioning.

Is the fairy family invited fold Yan to drink and enjoy the post, he always laughed off.

The fairy family invited him to join in the fun, this is not to offer any real duties but the status of the high God show close to. In this car he put for a long time, in that car fairy home people probably also touch a name, way is this idle God can only respect not close, then, again invite his mind is light.

Fold Yan happy to be quiet, wholeheartedly in the peach blossom forest business farming.

When I got to the edge of the East Sea, I pinched my finger to calculate the time. There was still one and a half days left before the official banquet.

Think of three elder brother entrust, they intend to turn to fold Yan Fu on a trip, to ask him for a jar of peach blossom drunk. Fill two POTS to three brother to take back, and then fill a pot and with the pearl to the East China Sea water Jun sent as a gift, the rest of the buried in front of the fox hole slowly drink.

This is the peach blossom season in full bloom, ten miles of peach forest ten miles of peach blossom, the mountains and fields of searing youth. I am familiar with the door of the road toward the peach forest deep walk, one eye to see fold Yan is sitting cross-legged on the open space to chew a peach, so big a peach, in an instant only a core.

Smiling, he waved to me, "If it isn't the white girl, she is getting prettier and prettier. Come here," he patted the open space beside him, "sit here and let me have a closer look."

Among the gods in heaven and on earth, there are few generations high enough to call me little girl.

This sound little wench makes me oil gives birth to a kind of oneself actually still very tender illusion, feeling incomparable, be used incomparable.

I sat down, and Fold Yan wiped his hands on my sleeve.

I was thinking about how to open my mouth to get the bottle of wine, and then I heard Folding Yan say with a chuckle: "You have been in Qingqiu for tens of thousands of years, and this trip out is very good."

I was stunned for a long time. I didn't quite understand why he said this, so I had to laugh and say, "The peach blossoms here are very good, very good."

He smiled even more: "A few days ago, Lord Shui of Beihai and his wife came to me to enjoy peach blossoms for a few days. It's the first time I've seen his little girl, and she's so innocent and lovely."

I'm not laughing now.

The little lady of Beihai Water Lord called her Shao Xin, and I gave her the name.

Also can't remember how many years ago, I and four elder brother went to Dongting Lake to play, in the half man high reeds, found a bullied breath Feiyan small Ba snake.

I looked at the poor, Yang four brother took it back to green Hill.

At that time, the snake had been refined. Although it was soft and prone, it could barely transform into a human shape. This was Shao Xin. After two years of nursing in Qingqiu, Shao Xin said he wanted to repay me and stayed here.

At that time, Daddy, Niang is often not in the green hill, fox hole by four elder brother headed the house, four elder brother arranged her to do a sweep maid. There was no maid in the fox hole before, and I was doing all the work.

I am happy to be free, then into heaven and earth not home, in the eldest brother, two brother, three brother, fold the face of the place for mixing.

Two hundred years passed in peace. One day, Auntie came back to Qingqiu and said she had arranged a marriage for me. Her fiance was Sangji of Beihai Water.

At that time, Sangji was still a favored boy under the throne of Heaven. He lived in the Nine Heaven and was not sent to the North Sea.

The Lord of Heaven has made it widely known that Sangji and I are engaged in marriage.

Cicadas will come to the door to idle idle idle by the way congratulations.

Four elder brother and I have NO TIME to worry, simply packed up the bundle both hide to fold the peach blossom forest of Yan.

This ducking went wrong.

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