Mythological Novel - Peach Blossom Forest3

The small thatched shed built with the help of the fourth brother stood beside the Biyao Pool. I always live here alone when I go to the Sheyan House to hang out.

When I left the Taolin, the hut was very dilapidated. Now, after tens of thousands of years of wind, rain and sunshine, it still stands proudly, which is really admirable.

I took out a night pearl and looked around. My face was folded and my heart was bent. There were all beds and bedding in the small hut, which was very agreeable to me.

There is a stone lei beside the door. I used it to dig holes and plant peach seedlings. Now I use it to dig those two pots of peach blossom wine, which is just right.

Tonight, the moon in the sky is a rare circle. The Du Heng tree that Zheyan said is very easy to find.

I drew a picture of Shi Lei and cut down on the yellow mud under Du Heng's feet. Oh, I was lucky. At a glance, I saw that the Dongling Jade wine pot was shining green light through the loose loess. I joyfully and quickly pulled them out and jumped onto the roof with my arms around. The little hut shook twice and stood firm.

The night wind on the roof pulled out the cool. I shivered and tried to pull out the sealed spout and beat the spout open. In an instant, the aroma of the ten mile peach forest wine overflowed. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, and more and more admired the unique skill of wine making.

I can't do many romantic things in my life, and drinking is one of them.

Drinking is a matter of time, place and people. The full moon on the river tonight is called the time of day. Ten li of Taolin in the East China Sea is a good place. Apart from me, there are also several crows on the roof of the small hut, which is barely a harmony. I took a few mouthfuls with the spout. After smacking my tongue, I felt that the taste of the peach blossom intoxication in the Dongling jade pot was slightly different from that I had drunk before. However, Xu has not drunk the wine of Ziyan Nian for too long, and it is unknown that he has blurred the taste.

One mouthful after another, although there is no small dish to drink, it is equally pleasant to drink in the cold moon and green lake.

Not long ago, I drank half a pot. As soon as the wind blows, the wine will spread, and some people will be puzzled.

The bright black night in front of me was like a pink curtain, and my body was like a fire, which made my blood sizzle. I shook my head, shook my hands and pulled the skirt away. The high fever that made the bones sweat was like gangrene. I can't catch a trace of Qingming with a confused mind, but I vaguely feel that it is not like a sign of pure drunkenness. The heat forced me to retreat. I didn't know what formula to press it down, or what formula could not press it down.

I stood up unsteadily and tried to jump down to the Biyao Pool to cool down, but I staggered and fell straight off the roof.

I had a premonition that the fall would be painful, but I didn't feel the dull pain of touching the ground. I felt that I was surrounded by a cool thing in a moment, which made me feel angry.

I opened my eyes with difficulty, and vaguely recognized that the object in front of me was a personal figure, wearing a black gown, not a disfigurement.

The sky swirls and the earth revolves. The white moonlight spreads over the peach forest for ten miles. The branches, flowers and leaves are burning. The Biyao Pool, two steps away, is also filled with water vapor, which suddenly turns into a raging sky fire.

I quickly closed my eyes. My body was hot and painful. Just follow the coolness to lean against the figure in front of him, and his raised cheek touched the bare skin on his chin and neck, just like a cold jade. My fingers were already a little out of order. I trembled to untie the tie on his waist, and he began to push me. I quickly posted it to appease: "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, I just cool my hands." He refused even more.

Over the past hundred thousand years, I have never attracted anyone with enchantment, but tonight I cannot. When I opened my eyes and looked at him, I was still a little nervous. I didn't know that I had not used this skill for a long time, but now it is still useless. He looked puzzled. His eyes were gloomy, but he slowly put his arms around me.

The golden pheasant crowed three times. I woke up slowly, vaguely feeling that I had a very interesting dream last night.

In my dream, I was a romantic figure, wantonly frivolous to a good young man. Although this is frivolous, it just cools my hands holding him. The two bottles of wine that Ziyan brought to the third brother were indeed problematic. I rubbed my head and carefully recalled the young man's appearance, but in the confusion, I only remembered a black gown and a ten mile long peach forest. In fact, this dream is like a dream but not like a dream.

The beautiful peach blossom forest is not far away from the East China Sea. I'm not in a hurry. He went to the wine cellar in the back mountain and took another three jars of wine for aging. Then he put the half pot of peach blossom wine into his sleeve.

He hummed and hawed, and asked me to remember to ask my fourth brother to help him climb the two acres of land in front of the mountain.

I told the truth: "Bi Fangniao, the fourth brother, ran away from home. He has chased him all the way to the Fox Cave for a long time, and you are going to fail." Duan Su, with a rare look on his face, sighed: "I knew I shouldn't have helped him hunt Bifang back from the West Mountain and hit him in the foot with a stone. I must be talking about my current situation." I comforted him a little and picked some fresh peaches from his sleeves to quench his thirst.

Today is really a lucky day. Looking up from afar, the East China Sea is full of blue waves and clouds in the sky. It seems that all the immortals have arrived.

I took out a four finger wide white silk from my sleeve, covered my eyes and prepared to go into the water.

Everything in the East China Sea is good, but the Crystal Palace is too bright. And my eyes, since 300 years ago, have not been able to see anything too bright.

Niang said that it was a disease brought out of the womb.

It was said that when Niang was pregnant with me, the Heavenly King sent a flood to punish the people in the four seas, eight wastelands and nine states. At that time, because she was so unhappy, she loved to eat all the fruits on Hexu Mountain, and almost took them as her staple food. When the flood hit, the Hexu Mountain in the East China Sea was also affected and left barren. Niang broke off the combination of virtual fruit. She was not willing to eat other things, and her body was obviously weaker. When I was born, I was also a wrinkled little fox, and by the way, I had this strange eye disease.

The viviparous eye disease has been hidden in my body for more than 100000 years, and I had nothing to do with it. Three hundred years ago, I found an opportunity to develop typhoid fever. It was very stubborn, and no magic pill could help it. Fortunately, my mother was clever. She asked my father to make a white damask for me by using the dark light under the yellow spring. She went to a very dazzling place and put it on. It didn't matter much.

Reach out and take a closer look in the shoal. The east sea water is cold, which makes me shiver. I quickly use the immortal qi to protect my body. The fairy formula in my hand was half pinched just now, and suddenly I heard someone calling me "Sister, Sister" behind me.

My father and my mother only gave birth to five of our brothers and sisters. There are no other foxes below. While thinking about who called me, he turned around and saw a long row of young girls in beautiful clothes standing in front of him. They were probably the family members of the immortal who came to the banquet.

The leading girl in purple looked very angry: "My princess called you, why shouldn't you?"

I was stunned for a moment, when I saw that the golden hairpin on the head of the white clad girl in the middle of the seven miles was the largest, and the pearl on the embroidered shoes was the largest... I bowed to her and said, "What can I do for you, girl?"

The girl in white blushed like a white jade: "Green sleeve saw that her sister was surrounded by fairy spirits, and thought that her sister was also a fairy coming to the East China Sea for dinner. She wanted to annoy her sister to lead the way for Green sleeve, but she didn't think about her sister's eyes..."

The white damask made by the black light of Huangquan is naturally different from the ordinary white damask. It does not interfere with seeing things when it is covered on the eyes. Besides, it is a small matter to guide the way with the guidance of the Lost Valley. I nodded to her: "You see, I really came to dinner. It's OK to follow me."

The little girl in purple shivered and said, "Well, my princess is talking to you. You have such an attitude. I don't know..." Her princess pulled her sleeve.

The little immortals in recent years are interesting. They are all so lively. They are much better than I was when I was young.

The underwater journey was very boring. The maids of Princess Green Sleeves couldn't bear being lonely, and they murmured all the way, making me

This fellow traveler also took advantage of the fact that he had some free books to listen to all the way.

One said, "The eldest princess thought that she would be the best at the banquet if she threw us away on purpose, so that we could not go to the banquet. But she did not know that we could find it ourselves. At that time, she would tell Shuijun about it, and let Shuijun punish her for thinking for hundreds of years in the South China Sea. She dared to bully people like this again."

It turned out to be the family member of Nanhai Shuijun.

One said: "The beauty of the eldest princess is beautiful, but there is still a difference between her and the princess. The princess should be relieved. As long as the princess goes, the eldest princess will not take the lead in the full moon feast."

It turned out that the two sisters were jealous.

One said: "Although the Queen has already set up, Yehua Lord will certainly not look up to the old lady in Qingqiu. She is over fourteen thousand years old, and she is several times older than our water king. It's a pity for Yehua Lord. The beauty of the princess is rare to see in heaven and earth. If you have such beauty, you can be a good match for Yehua Lord. If you can agree with him at the East China Sea banquet, it will be the first beautiful thing for Pangu."

I was stunned for a long time before I realized that "the old lady in Qingqiu" was talking about me. I felt like a white horse passing by. I really couldn't laugh or cry.

Seeing that the maids were talking more and more, the Green Sleeve Princess said angrily, "Stop talking nonsense."

A few timid people quickly shut their mouths and stuck out their tongues. The boldest girl in purple swore to the death and admonished: "It's said that this time, Lord Yehua led little Tiansun to travel to the east. Little Tiansun has always been the favorite of the king. It's said that the eldest princess has prepared a very unique gift to meet with little Tiansun. The eldest princess spent so much time to sacrifice so many means. How can the princess be willing to live under others?"

This purple dress is very insightful. I can tell that I have read books for several days.

The green sleeve princess blushed and said, "I have prepared that gift, but I'm not sure if Sun likes it..."

Their master and servant went to talk. When I walked ahead, I felt a little sad. I didn't expect that the grandson of Dunmin, Ye Huajun, who was the pride of the Heavenly King, was also an expert in love. I didn't know that he had heard of his two love affairs. He was a man of both literature and martial arts. This generation of immortals should not be underestimated.

It took more than half an hour to get to the Crystal Palace 3000 feet below the East China Sea.

But I was very suspicious that I had just chosen the wrong road at the fork in the road, because the tall buildings in front of me were very different from those in my memory, and none of them had anything to do with the crystal.

The green sleeve princess was also stunned. Pointing at the dark green palace wall, she asked me, "I'm afraid all the things on it are green grass, aren't they?"

I am a beast born on the land and long on the land. I really know very little about the things in the water. I replied vaguely, "Maybe."

Facts have proved that the quality of the Migu tree of the old man of Migu is very guaranteed. This black thing is indeed the crystal palace of Donghai Shuijun.

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