Mythological Novel - Peach Blossom Forest5

Around the corner where Night Hua and his son disappeared, I looked left and right, and found a woman with light makeup and makeup in the direction of the north, walking toward me at a fast pace.

I squinted for a long time, gratified to find that today this day, will be a wonderful and dream day.

Although the woman walked in a hurry, but also a big belly, posture is very lightly. I took the broken fan and weighed it, wondering if it would be possible to send her directly from the East Sea to the North Sea with such a swing from left to right. But a look at her big belly, eventually returned to the soft fan back.

When she reached me, she flopped down on her knees.

I turned aside, not intending to accept the salutation, but she looked at me in a confused way and followed on her knees.

I had to stop.

She looked up at me, tears welling up in her eyelashes, her appearance unchanged, her face much rounder than it had been fifty thousand years ago.

I wondered whether the gods of the present world were thin and bony, or fat and plump. Remembering the beauty of the gods, Greensleeve, whose figure was light, I thought that thin was still beautiful.

I occasionally have a bad habit of saying what I don't like to hear when I meet someone I don't like. At this time had to pinch himself secretly remind later do not mention the body do not mention the body. I have not seen her for tens of thousands of years. Although I have a slight grudge against her, she is an elder. Since she is courteous, I can't lose my poise and say anything disgraceful.

She is still a twinkle twinkle, eyes are water stars to look at me, straight look at my back cold, just lifted his hand wipe tears SOB: "aunt."

I finally still a not hold back, blurt out: "Little Xin, you how fat become so?"
She stayed a stay, buccal Teng to rise two red, right hand stroking the belly of the bulge, very a little helpless meaning, meek way: "little xin, little xin......"

Half of my response reflected that I had just said that was just a greeting, not really to ask her why she grew fat. Then he quickly bowed down to me with a bowing hand and said, "Just now... Just now from this garden, the wind is blowing, the sea is going against the current, little pain... Xiao Xin thought that Xu was a broken cloud fan and Xu was her aunt, so she hurried over to have a look. Sure enough... Sure enough..." Then she started to cry again.

I don't know why she cried, but I don't hate it.

The Broken cloud fan was a gift I gave her to play with when she was recovering from a severe wound and was very insecure. I gave it to her and coaxed her, saying, "If anyone dares to bully you again, slap her with this fan. If you discipline one fan, you will slap him out of the green hill." Though she never really used it, she regarded it as a treasure. She was always beside her, but when she left the fox hole, she did not know why she left it behind.

To tell the truth, all the Ba-snakes who become women are bold and beautiful. Little Xin is a different number, may be a child was bullied hard, even in the green hill to keep good injury, is still a bird. At THAT TIME, LOOKING at the whole QINGqiu, except me and the fourth brother, no one can get close to her within two feet, even the heartthrob Fan Gu took the initiative to make good to her, she is also running away.

Eventually one day, this little Ba snake love first opened, embroidered a sachets to my fourth brother, a little love in the meaning of the inside. White true wood but took the sachets to fold Yan, came back specially to find less xin, fold Yan very like sachets pattern, but the color is not much to his meaning, can help to embroider a lotus color. Less Xin pair of eye circles, red on the spot. She actually embroidered the folds in a lotus color. But since then, he has lived almost cowardice and wariness.

After that, she eloped with Sang Ji and Sang Ji quit my marriage.

In fact, I am still not quite clear, that the cup of bow and snake shadow to a certain level of the small Ba snake, how will be without warning to Sangji, finally agreed to elope with him.

The fourth brother said, "Why do you need to think about it? Most likely, Sangji was fascinated by Shaoxin's youth and beauty, so he knocked Shaoxin unconscious with a stick and carried him away with a set of sacks on his shoulder.

When it is time four elder brother is FOLLOWING FOLD YAN TO COMPILE a set of books, the book is called "ANCIENT gods love history research of Creation". The one he was writing, the theme of which happened to be that love begins with kidnapping.

I thought about it, after all, this is a professional background knowledge of the inference, do not believe also have to believe, believe it.

I could have left in a fit of anger, but at the sight of Shaoxing's pitiful appearance, I couldn't harden my heart. There happened to be a stone bench nearby. I sighed and sat down low. "I haven't been out of the green hill for many years, and I didn't expect to meet my old friend when I came out. Nothing do not mount three treasure hall, little xin, you should know I do not want to see you, but specially kneel to me, must be begging me, you my master servant a, you married me also did not prepare what dowry, this time just fill up. I'll give you a wish. Tell me, what do you want?"

She just stared at me. "She expected her aunt to be angry, but... But why doesn't aunt want to see Shaoxing? '

I was amazed and then thought about it for a moment. Given my situation, it was quite understandable that I could not keep a cheerful attitude to see her. The problem, however, was how to convey implicitly and elegantly that my unwillingness to see her was actually anger.

Before I could answer, she took two steps on her knees and said urgently, "My aunt has never seen Sang Ji. My aunt also said that she would not like Sang Ji. My aunt and Sang Ji would not be happy when they got married. Sangji likes Shao Xin, Shao Xin also likes Sang Ji, aunt lost Sang Ji, but also can get better, Night Hua Jun is not a hundred times better than Sang Ji, Night Hua Jun will be the future king of heaven. But little simba... When he lost his citizenship, he... There's nothing left. Don't be afraid to think that... Little Xin thought aunt is the immortal of profound righteousness, aunt will gas little Xin do not make a greeting without permission to leave the green hill, but never gas, will not gas little Xin and mulberry book married. Auntie, didn't auntie always wish that Shaoxing could live a dignified life in this world?"

After tens of thousands of years of not seeing each other, the little snake, who was slow to talk, has become so glib now. Nature is magical, but time is more magical than nature. It is really a pitiful thing.

I will break the cloud fan turned over to Mo fan, asked her: "little Xin, do you hate those who bully you in the reeds?"

Half confused, half bewildered, she nodded.

"Some of them, you know, don't really mean to bully you, but if they put out their hand to protect you, they're bound to be bullied too, so they have to follow the strongest to bully the weakest?"

She nodded again.

I looked at her with a chin. "Can you forgive those who are forced to bully you?"

She gritted her teeth and shook her head.

I was gratified to have managed to express my main idea in such a wide circle, and I added in a gentler tone: "So, it is quite reasonable that I should not want to see you, without taking pains. I am a goddess, but it took me more than 100,000 years to get to the level of the god. I can see that my sentiment and understanding are too low to be reliable. It is really not a profound and righteous immortal.

Her eyes suddenly widened.

It was a sin that such a beauty, and a pregnant beauty, should be so surprised by me.

But when I looked down at my legs, my eyes widened.

Should have left the garden but out of nowhere out of the small glutinous rice ball is gently pulling my skirt, pale little face a pair of disapprovingly appearance: "Mother why say they are not the immortal of deep righteousness, mother is the most profound immortal of heaven and earth."

I was silent for a long time. Then I asked him inconceivable: "Are you a native grandson?"

He looked up at the coral trees behind me and nuzzled.

The father of the glutinous rice ball, the midnight Huajun of the nine times heaven, came out from the shadow of the coral tree, looking very different from just now. With a smile on his lips, he slowly said, "The night is not known, but the girl is the white light god of Qingqiu."

I shivered, and he called me a girl, a 50,000-year old kid, and gave me goose bumps.

I consider back to him: "Not dare not dare, old body impartial, long night Hua Jun nine long live, night Hua Jun or in accordance with their generations, call old body one aunt."

He half smiled: "A leave to call your mother, but I want to call your aunt, oh, shallow, this is what reason?"

Listening to the shallow two words, I shivered again. This is a little too affectionate.

Shaoxing looked at us in silence.

The scene unprovoked a trace of embarrassment, long time out of the dust, even if the embarrassment, in fact, more or less a new, but under the watchful eyes, must be his words back.

I answered him with a cough: "If you talk to me about reason, what is the reason behind the wall you have been listening to for so long behind the coral tree?"

The older one was completely at ease, but the younger one slid down from my lap and pointed anxiously to the path behind the coral tree. "My father and I didn't mean to eavesdrop. My father said you were chasing us, so he turned back from the other road. When we got closer, we saw the lady talking to her mother, so we had to avoid her."

He looked at me carefully and said, "Mom, you are chasing us because you don't want to leave A Li, and you want to go back to Heaven with A Li and your father?"

I thought his reasoning was too far off the mark. I was about to shake my head, but the father nodded firmly: "Yes, my mother is really reluctant to leave her."

Small glutinous rice ball cheered, happily looked at me, eyes flickering flickering: "Mother, when we return to Tiangong?"

Night Hua answered, "I will go back tomorrow."

Small glutinous rice ball cheer again, continue to look at me happily, eyes flicker more severe: "mother, is about to go home, you have not gone home for so long, feeling will not be very excited?"

This time Night Hua did not answer.

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