Mythological Novel - Peach Blossom Forest2

When he returned to the green hill after eating full peaches, little Xin disappeared, and only a letter of resignation from mulberry book was pressed in the grey fox hole. It is said that he is in love with little Xin day by day, this life is not little Xin do not marry, I'm sorry.

I didn't think it was a big deal. For one thing, I've never seen a Sangji before. For another thing, Shaoxing and I have not been together for a long time, and it is hard to say how deep the affection is, even if there is one. Even the animals in the forest have the right to choose a good looking mate. All beings are equal. There is no reason why Sang Ji should be deprived of this right. To be polite, it doesn't really matter to me if they're a couple.

However, the matter finally reached Heaven.

I'm not the one who did it.

It is said that Sangji himself took the hand of Shao Xin and knelt down to the emperor's court, saying that he would give Shao Xin a title.

In less than half a day, the story spread all over the sea.

A benevolent way: "The youngest daughter of the Qing Qiu Bai family is very poor. Once upon a time, it was a good marriage, but it was abandoned by her husband's family after only three years of marriage. How can she get married later?"


So far, A father A niang, eldest brother, two elder brothers, three elder brothers and fold a Yan line just know I was retired.

Fold Yan immediately pulled a father a niang went straight to the sky to find the Lord to discuss.

I don't know exactly how to discuss it. After that, he lost his favor, and the Lord of Heaven hastily appointed him as Lord of Waters of Beihai, ranking him below his brother, Lord Sihai, and even Song. The discerning people knew that he was in exile. As for his marriage to Shao Xin, it has never been acknowledged.

Dad to this matter published only thought is: "Dead boy, cheap he."


At that time, I was young and naive. I always felt that the protagonists were Sang Ji and Shao Xin, and I didn't have much

It's not my fault for being involved.

Later, the Lord of Heaven personally issued a decree at the court. To the effect that the prince was not yet decided,

But Qingqiu white daughter white shallow has been set by the day, is the daughter-in-law of the day, the future queen of the queen.

In other words, their sons who want to be a successor to the Lord of heaven, they must marry the white White House Qingqiu shallow must not.

It was clearly Rhun, but this Rhun was so strong that the other sons under the constellation of Heaven did not talk to me because of the disagreement between them. Of course, I never had the pleasure of meeting them. And the other immortals due to the face of the heavenly clan, dare not risk and the day clan turn over the risk to find a father hired. From then on, I was completely unsought, become a marry out of the female immortal.

More than three hundred years ago, the Lord of Heaven enthronded the eldest sun, Yehuajun, as crown prince and succeeded him to the throne.

I don't know anything about the Night Hua, who was appointed crown prince in the middle of his career. I only heard that after Sangji was exiled, he was very depressed because his other sons were not qualified. Fortunately, three years later, the eldest son Yang Cuo gave him a Dunmin grandson, and he was relieved to get out of his depression.

The grandson of Dun Min is Night Hua.

According to the decree issued by the Lord of Heaven that year, this Lord of Night is my future husband, and I must marry this young God. Night China that box, it is said to have married a called plain Jin side concubine, grace Sheng long, also gave birth to a small day sun, natural unintention and my marriage. I this box, although not like him that has already had the person on the top of the heart, can think of his late birth of me ninety thousand years, on the generation when call me an aunt, on the age when call me an ancestor. I could not bear the heart to force myself to take the initiative to make this marriage.

So much so that the marriage has dragged on till now, and may have become the laughing stock of the whole world.

In the case brought up by Shuijun Sangji of Beihai, I did not feel any loss, but rather suffered a great loss. Naturally, I kept the initiator of the incident secret, which made him heartbroken.

I thought that this mention of Beihai Shuijun was not to make trouble with me, but rather to throw a brick to attract jade, all for the purpose of picking out a section of the following containing strong material, so I quickly followed his wishes to make a full of interest, and pricked up my ears.

The cracks of laughter on his lips were deep: "That little lady is badly hurt by good morning, but in tens of thousands of years, she has given birth to three children to Lord Shui of Beihai, and now this one is said to be the fourth. So the Ba snake can indeed bear children. The little lady, because of the morning joy, all day long to eat peaches, this season, peach blossoms are everywhere, but when it comes to peaches, heaven and earth, except me, there is no other place to eat. So the North Sea Lord had the cheek to go to the door. Since he asked me so, I felt ashamed not to give him."

I glared at him and looked down to brush a few wrinkles in my skirt. Since he had always felt that he was tied to Qingqiu, he disagreed with us in this case and generously sent Beihai Shuijun peaches, which was disappointing.

He looked at me for a moment and snorted. "Look at you, you're green. Not a few avoid son peach."

I suddenly raised my head, the action is too sudden, for a moment accidentally hit his low brow.

He is muddy do not care, in a tone of voice to tease me: "See, listen to me to give someone else honey oil in the small couple to avoid peach, suddenly the heart is not soft. I said that avoiding the peach is just to keep the family of Lord Shui in Beihai from gaining a fifth in the past tens of thousands of years. It will not deprive him of much good fortune, nor will it damage my virtue."

In fact, what does it matter to me when the water Lord of Beihai gets the fifth prince? The peach can't be eaten by anyone. If it hadn't been for his divorce, we wouldn't have gotten into this mess. I applaud you for giving him this lesson. But since he had already decided that I was a softhearted man, I was not good enough to say anything, so I had to suffer in silence. He is a pacification, the general effect can not take off the day prince family turtle bastard, son son son son endless are turtle bastard and so on.

After scolding the Tianjun family and asked me about my family some recent situation, but also talk about other things, from the east of the wild sea changes in tens of thousands of years how to change, to the sea and a few wars, and then to who who who who fell in love with who who will soon have a good marriage will cast. There are always endless gossip, I humbly ask for advice, he all kinds of chores bamboo tube pour beans also like a whole head to pour me listen to.

At first I still remember that jar peach blossom drunk, three or two was around dizzy, begging wine also forget a clean.

When the night fell almost, or fold Yan remind: "small three son let me give him two POTS of wine, buried in the back mountain beside the jade pond that did not grow a few leaves under Du Heng, you tonight rest in that place, the way to dig the wine to small three son back, two POTS, don't spill, don't steal to drink."

I curled my mouth: "You are also very stingy."

He leaned over and rubbed my hair: "You really can't drink that wine. If you really want to drink it, you can move it to my cellar tomorrow. You can move it as much as you can." "Don't walk around at night. I have other guests here today. I don't think it's proper for you to meet at this time.

To him in front of that sentence, I was making a bow and bow to thousands of thousands of thanks, in the heart of the calculation is already made, in recent years, different childhood, to a trip to ten miles of peach forest is not easy, the two POTS of peach blossom drunk is to steal to drink, his wine cellar, but also to move.

To his last, it was a vain charge: I was not much of a boisterous person these days, nor much of a wanderer at night, nor much of a friend. I'm not too interested in what kind of guest this is. But he told me to avoid it, so I did.

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