Mythological Novel - Peach Blossom Forest7

Donghai Shuijun leads the way ahead, Xiaonuomi Tuanzi walks unsteadily in the middle alone, and Yehua drags my hand hall at the end.

I just lied a little. Most of the lies were to protect the glutinous rice dumpling he was born with. He could have opened one eye and closed one eye, but he just wanted to fight me. It was really annoying.

I was too lazy to take into account the demeanor of God, so I simply used magic to break away from him. He smiled and used magic to block it.

I fought with him all the way. He was fearless, but I had to pay attention to the movements of Donghai Shuijun in front of me all the time.

Not long ago, the fourth elder brother told me that the world today is really not comparable to the ancient times when the gods lived in the wasteland. A group of immortals only knew that they were free all day long, their immortal arts were not prosperous, and the Taoism was declining. It was really sad. I actually believed his story. Yehua Jun's Dharma has improved so far. His grandpa's immortal skill is not good, and his grandma's Taoism has declined.

Donghai Shuijun turned his head and made up a smiling face, but his eyes were still looking at the hands I held with Yehua: "Your Majesty, Xianshi, the front is the main hall."

The little glutinous rice dumpling cheered and came to take my empty hand, making a solemn and awe inspiring appearance.

If the concubine Yehua Chu who is in my position now is the concubine in the Heaven Palace, it is reasonable to list such ostentations. However, this position is now the God of God. I really want to break my head. Even though the God of God has an eight pole relationship with Yehua, after all, this relationship has not been established. At this time, he is so leading, and I don't know what he wants to do.

The golden and jade door is close in front of us. The head of God is aching now.

The immortals in the hall were all eagerly waiting for the banquet. As soon as Yehuafu appeared, he knelt in two rows, making a way to the throne. When all three of us sat down, we could sing a song and sit down one by one. This is the feast.

The nearest immortal came to toast. After paying homage to Yehua, he came to pay homage to me again. He said politely: "Today, I was lucky to meet Lady Sujin here. It's really the luck of the little god..."

Yehua had a wine cup beside her, and she just looked like watching a play. The part I want to sing is really embarrassing.

The water king of Donghai turned white and tried his best to wink at the honored immortal.

I couldn't stand it. I smiled at him and said, "Xiaoxian is actually the sister of Yehua Jun who has been separated for many years. Now she is working as a god on the face folding."

Yehua drinks, and more than one or two drops of wine are spilled.

Donghai Shuijun looked at me blankly.

The immortal who came to toast seemed to swallow a dead fly, and it was not right to enter or leave with a full glass. After a long time, he said slowly: "The little god is clumsy. He will punish himself with one cup."

I smiled blandly and didn't take it seriously. I accompanied him to have a drink.

Under the glass, the fox's ears were pointed. He pushed the cup and changed it, and heard a few whispers. I said: "It's a pity that I haven't seen my aunt today, but I can be relieved to see the immortal envoy of the god of face folding. You see, if my aunt doesn't come today because she knows that both Yehua Jun and Beihai Shuijun are coming to dinner, that's why..."

One said, "The immortal friend is right. According to my opinion, my aunt broke the appointment this time, but the god of Cha Yan sent an immortal envoy to the banquet. There is much to be said about it. You should know that because of the strange temper of Cha Yan God, the water king of the East China Sea did not send a post to him this time."

One said, "It's reasonable. The strange way is that the immortal envoy of the god who broke his face is still Yehua Jun's sister."

Another said, "I doubt that this immortal envoy is Yehua Jun's sister. I have never heard that Yehua Jun has a sister since I worked in the Heavenly Palace for many years."

Then he said, "The immortal friend just didn't see it. Did Yehua Lord take the hand of the immortal messenger? So it seems that the matter of brother and sister is somewhat credible."

I think that if the East Sea Water King announces the banquet at this moment, these immortals will dance happily and find a quiet place to have a big talk. But now I have to endure on this table, only occasionally whispering a word or two, which is really painful.

After listening for a long time, I didn't know anything more interesting, so I raised the wine cup and drank a cup of it myself. Yehua frowned and removed my wine bottle: "You are a good drinker. Be careful, after drinking, you will be mad again."

I really disdain this wine, Donghai Shuijun. Although it can be regarded as a kind of precious liquid, it can be compared with the wine brewed by Ziyan. It is really white water. But he was too lazy to pay attention to him. He had already torn his skin. He only complained that God was unlucky today and didn't turn over the imperial calendar when he went out.

In the middle of the dinner, I had no interest. I just wanted to finish the meal quickly and return to the Fox Cave earlier.

At this time, the East China Sea Water King slapped three times.

I barely braced myself, then saw a group of dancers enter the hall, holding silk fans in their hands, dressed very cool. I am curious that this is not a birthday party for Donghai Shuijun, a baby's full moon feast, but also singing and dancing?

The sound of silk and bamboo is heard. I just leaned over to get the wine pot that Yehua had evacuated to one side.

I was lucky to be kidnapped by the ghost king Qingcang to his Ziming Palace for several days. The dancer of the Ziming Palace is beautiful, elegant and flirtatious. I had to make friends with them for three or five days, and there was no dancer in the world.

A glance at Yehua beside him made him bored.

The little glutinous rice dumpling suddenly sighed, "Ah, it's this sister."

I followed his eyes and looked into the hall. The dancers in white were pretending to be the white petals of lotus flowers, and a girl in yellow was in the middle. At first sight, the woman did not look very strange, but she could find a little shadow of the East Sea King in her appearance.

I can't help turning my head to see the East Sea Water King.

Donghai Shuijun was very sensitive at this time. He noticed my eyes, coughed and smiled awkwardly: "It's Shemei." Then he stepped forward to Xiaonuomi Tuanzi and said, "How can Xiaotiansun recognize the Shemei?"

The glutinous rice dumpling looked at me and said, "Yes, I do." But he immediately waved his hand and stood firm. "But I don't know her very well." Then he stole a glance at his father.

Donghai Shuijun's wife is now looking at Yehua Jun who is sitting beside me. Her eyes are warm and silent, sad and happy.

Yehua kept the wine cup still, and turned into a cold god king when I first saw him.

Which one is this? Flowers fall intentionally, but the flow is ruthless? The kind-hearted woman meets Cold Lang Jun. I have a heart to make a vine around the tree, but the Lang is as heartless as an iron concubine, and I really do wrong?

I nodded with satisfaction. It was a good show. I poured myself a glass of wine and enjoyed myself. Just at the point of interest, the silk and bamboo suddenly stopped. Donghai Shuijun's maid made a obeisance to Yehua, and then drifted away surrounded by the dancers.

Yehua turned to look at me, smiling rather than laughing: "Why is the immortal envoy so disappointed?" I felt my face and did something. Ha ha, "Have you?"

After more than an hour of suffering, the banquet was just over and should have been dispersed separately. Yehua pushed the little glutinous rice ball into my arms and said, "A Li, take care of it first. I'll go back soon."

All the immortals just came to say goodbye with their hands. When I was in a trance, he even disappeared.

Qingming suddenly turned over to Lingtai after being overwhelmed by some trifles for several hours, and a few big drops of sweat immediately seeped from my forehead. He should not have counted my words to frighten the little glutinous rice dumpling, but really dragged me to the Heavenly Palace.

Thinking of this layer, the soft little glutinous rice dumpling suddenly became a hot potato.

I hurried out of the hall. Now, find the father of glutinous rice dumpling quickly, and it's serious to return it.

I asked several servants, but none of them saw Hua Jun overnight. I had to detour and ask the Donghai Shuijun where she is now.

Just now, the night flower is in a hurry. There is kindness between thinness and sweetness between estrangement. With such an attitude, I am sure that I will go to meet the beautiful lady with my romantic experience of more than 100000 years.

The servant pointed at the back garden of Donghai Crystal Palace at the end of the road.

I stood at the gate of the garden, holding the glutinous rice ball.

It should be noted that although God is old, he has no sense of direction. It is convenient to go in, but I don't know if I can get out. After considering for a long time, I think it's better to wait here.

The little glutinous rice dumpling refused to comply, and held his little fist in a vicious way: "If my mother doesn't go in and beat the mandarin duck, my father will be robbed by Princess Miao Qing." He also touched his forehead and sighed: "Since ancient times, the back garden has been a place of right and wrong. How many talented people lost their future and suffered a lifetime because they were lost to beauty."

I was silly for a moment, and said dumbly, "Who taught you these words?"

Xiaonuomi Tuanzi was stunned: "More than three hundred years ago, a little fairy named Cheng Yu came up from the sky in the daytime. His grandpa named him Yuan Jun and called him Yu Yuan Jun, which was what he told me." He rubbed his hair and said blankly, "Isn't it right?"

Yes, yes. However, under the eyes of Yehua Jun, this Chengyu Yuanjun dared to teach glutinous rice dumpling, and he also taught the dumpling in his heart and ears. It's also an ability. Such a wonderful person, he will make friends in the future.

Little glutinous rice dumplings simply pulled my sleeve and dragged me into the garden.

He is a villain, and I can't resist, I had to offer advice: "Your father is young and healthy. Miao Qing is called Miao Qing. Princess Miao Qing is also young and suitable for marriage. It is human nature for young men and women to think of each other. Now that they have become mandarin ducks, you and I can be the big stick to play mandarin ducks again. It is evil to have an unprovoked bad marriage. You and Princess Miao Qing are not inextricably bitter hatred. You need to break her marriage to enjoy it. You need to forgive others."

Xu put too much emphasis on what I said later. The little glutinous rice dumpling's mouth was flat. I quickly pacified him. He kissed and touched me. Then he calmed down and said softly, "Although she saved me once, I thanked her well, but she thought she would be different from her father from now on. Every time my father led me to live in my mother's Junkuishan, she would come to haunt me, which was very annoying."

I could not help but teach him two words: "The grace of saving life is deeper than the sea. How can you thank me for it?"

If I say thank you, I can stop worrying about it. I don't know how much I want to be free now. Just remember the perfect relationship between me and Mo Yuan when we were apprentices. I will never have so many guilt regrets trapped in my heart.

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