Mythological Novel - Peach Blossom Forest8

The little glutinous rice ball introspected for a short time, but immediately stamped her feet: "She did not keep her duty. She knew her father had a wife, but she still came to pester him. She lives in her mother's house, uses her mother's cooking utensils and steals her mother's husband."

I looked back at the sky, the brain flashed the night Huajun and Moyuan a mold printed out of the face, is very feeling.

This is not blame Miao Qing, this God see so a face to see tens of thousands of years, now can slightly control. It would be difficult for an ordinary woman to hold her own in front of such a face. It is the Junjishan of the east famine, when became the property of Jin, but I have some doubts.

After a brief question, the small glutinous rice balls were revealed.

I could not help admiring myself that I had come up with a general idea after all the things he had said.

The original glutinous rice ball his mother is not night Hua Jun side concubine Sujin, but a mortal on the ground. Now in the temple of glutinous rice balls, there is still a painting of the mortal man. I was dressed in blue and covered with white satin, just as I am now. Three hundred years ago, but I do not know why, the man just gave birth to a small glutinous rice ball, then jumped off the Jade Dynasty. I have heard about this place Zhuxiantai, immortals jump down to repair all lost, mortal jump down must be three souls seven souls even a slag is not left. Little glutinous rice balls want to be unaware of this layer.

The mortal was connected to heaven before, it is long in the east wilderness Junji mountain. Lord Night Hua remembered the old days and sealed the house where she lived on the mountain. Every year, she brought small glutinous rice balls to stay for ten days and half a month.

I really admire the courage of the night Hua Jun, these grudges and hatred of the old court, he did not hide the small glutinous rice balls, but not afraid to give him the son of psychological shadow.

But the cause of Miao Qing's Tuanzi and Night Hua dates back to hundreds of years ago.

One day a hundred years ago, a small glutinous rice ball was playing with a rabbit in the forest on the mountain. Reiki attracted a passing snake monster. The Basilisk only knew which Taoist boy he was, and wanted to nourish him with the spirit of the spirit, so he came to eat him. Fortunately, I met the princess Miao Qing of the East China Sea who came to Jun Jishan for an outing, and saved him. Guided by the little glutinous rice balls, they returned to the hut on the mountain. The hut was sealed, the outsiders could not see, but the little glutinous rice ball Jing Miao Qing princess is the savior, clear identity, and took her back to the room to eat tea. After tea, Princess Miao Qing was about to leave, but suddenly returned to the night Hua Jun. Instantaneous day thunder hook fire, was in love at the beginning of the age of princess Miao Qing, fell in love at first sight to night Hua Jun.

Night Hua do not want to owe the East China Sea princess, made a wish Miao Qing.

One hundred years, Miao Qing almost kept in the east wilderness Junji, night Hua and his son came, they will wash and cook for them steamed cakes. Night Hua felt that it was inappropriate for a princess to do the work of these servants. The princess quietly bowed her head and said, "This is my wish. I beg you to fulfill it." Night Hua can not, had to let her.

However, the above is only a partial description of the small glutinous rice ball. Look at this scene, night Hua Jun is a sentimental, it is difficult to say that the understanding of the East China Sea public initiative.

I feel empty at once. Night-hua is only fifty thousand years old when he has lived so long. He is really a talent who has incurred so many love debts.

What was he doing when he was 50 years old?

The small glutinous rice ball looks complex, looking at me to speak and stop.

I awe-inspiring way: "As a man the most do not hesitate to describe, an inattentive obscene, what say, happy."

He wrapped a bag of tears, pointing to me: "Mother this does not care about the appearance, is it already in the heart, do not want to leave and father prince?"

I am dumb to. Night Hua and I are engaged, but the new acquaintance, it is difficult to talk about what care not to care.

But the little glutinous rice ball took two steps back, covering his face and complaining bitterly, "Father wants to marry the queen mother and marry the stepfather. Ah Li really deserves this name. It deserves not to taste the reunion, but to be alone.

He yelled at me and made me jump.

His mother left him to jump the jade Dynasty Xiantai, a small age must have some heart. Now Yu Jie into the heart, afraid is not good.

I quickly lost a smile to hug him: "As your mother, I would never want you."

"But you don't want your father," he charged. If you don't want your father, your father will marry the Mioqing. If your father marries the Mioqing, you will have another baby, and then you won't want another one." I will cry as I speak.

I was so upset that I had to put on a sweet face so as not to disappoint him that I gnashed my teeth and said, "Your father is my heart and my liver, my sweet sweet. Why should I not want him?"

Then he shook first.

Small glutinous rice ball big satisfied, holding my leg to continue to drag the garden. I had no choice but to let him go. In my heart, however, I am longing for the night Hua Jun is not in the garden at the moment, so that I will not really play a big drama.

If unfortunately, let the God in one shot guess, he is really in the garden of beauty, that night the Lord Hua, today to disturb your marriage, is for the sake of your son's mental health, but I blame.

Around the arch, not far away in a rather delicate pavilion, wearing dark robes, the man standing with negative hands is Night Hua. The girl in yellow sitting next to her was Princess Miao Qing.

Ben is so wise, he really came to meet a beautiful woman.

The little glutinous rice ball shook my sleeve and said, "Mom, it's your turn."

He poured into the play quickly. My head went numb, and I wondered how to begin this conversation.

Of all my acquaintances, only my eldest brother has the most.

Sister-in-law each disposal eldest brother those peach blossom, what means are used again?

Oh, that's right. First is the eyes, eyes will be cold, look up and down the peach blossom, see beauty such as see a cabbage.

Then there is the voice, which will be vague and indistinct, and will say to the subject: "This one looks very good to me. If your husband likes it, please take her away, and I have another sister." This is to retreat to advance.

Although the eldest brother is a lot of drama, to sister-in-law is unswerving, must you, this move can be effective. In contrast, my situation is different from that of my sister-in-law. That won't work.

I hesitated for half a day, but the little glutinous rice ball walked quickly and knelt down before his father, saying, "The boy has seen his father."

Nighhua narrowed her eyes and stared at me over the glutinous rice balls.

I dragged the glutinous rice balls up from the ground, patted the ashes on his knees, and then sat down with a beautiful woman holding him.

Behind the night Hua Jun eyes sharp, I complete a set of actions is very difficult.

Princess Miao Qing took the initiative and said, "Who is your sister?"

I tried to make a pair of skin laugh meat does not smile, rubbing the face of the small glutinous rice ball: "The child, call me mother."

Miao Qing moment like a lightning strike.

I feel bad inside, too. This princess Mioqing looks good, although there is still a gap between her and the green sleeve princess of the South China Sea, but she is also a beauty. She has no grudge against me, and I have done nothing right. Then I am an elder, but to the younger generation to pick a fight, pick the same wind and moon, if people know, a face also don't know where to put.

My heart was sad, but I still had to play my part, and I continued to smile without smiling. "The present cloud," I said, "makes a good atmosphere for a tryst as far as my sister is concerned; as far as my sister is concerned, it gives me a little enthusiasm for poetry."

Night Hua simply leaned on the side of the pavilion pillar to listen to my nonsense.

The little glutinous rice ball did not know, so he turned around and looked at me. I point his forehead angry smile: "the sky is grey, wild boundless, a red apricot to go out of the wall." Then look at the princess Miao Qing, said: "Sister said, but the time?"

She has been silly. Ru Qing, two lines of tears along the corner of the eye splash down. Plop, kneeling in front of me: "The empress calm down, Miao Qing... Miao Qing do not know is the empress Feng drive, Miao Qing Wan dare not do the sister of the empress. Miao Qing is just longing for you, do not ask you to allow what Miao Qing. This brother will marry Miao Qing to the West Sea, the West Sea's two prince is...... He was a real dude. Because the wedding date is near, Miao Qing can not, that you will take small day sun to the East China Sea for dinner, just out of this bad idea to dance invited. Miao Qing only wanted to follow you from generation to generation. That was to serve you as a servant girl. She never did what she wanted.

So it was. This girl is true to Night Hua. This feeling, how touching. In fact, Tiangong is so big, let her have a corner and how. But this is night Hua Jun's family affair after all. If she is not so sincere and sincere to show the sun and moon, I have a club to beat it. Now, it really can't.

Love, there is no moral to talk about, right or wrong can be divided, glutinous rice dumplings is still small, in the future can be carefully taught. I can no longer be so complicit. Think of this layer, can not help but sigh, hug the glutinous rice ball and get up to go.

Sticky rice dumplings die by picking the beauty: "Mother you just said father is your heart, your liver son, your baby sweet candied son. Others came to steal my father's throne, and you let her steal it. You broke your word."

I got two bigger heads in one.

Leaning on the pavilion column night Hua leng leng, suddenly laughed, a step forward to block my way, a strand of hair between my fingers, for a long time, slowly open: "I am your heart?"

I chuckled and took a step back.

He took a step further. "Your baby?"

I laughed and dried up. I took another step back.

He simply blocked me in the corner of the pavilion. "Your candied fruit?"

This time I am dry smile can not laugh out, mouth bitter, this God is made what evil ah made what evil.

My eyes a closed heart a horizontal: "Dead look, you don't already know it, but want others to say it out, is really necrosis."

The small glutinous rice ball in my arms shook, and so did the night flower in front of me.

Take advantage of their dazed gap, I will be a small glutinous rice ball to the beauty on the swing, throwing away my helmet and armor, run away. This God, this is a mess.

I haven't been this embarrassed in tens of thousands of years.

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