About Us



      After graduating from college, I worked as a packaging engineer for four years. Later, for love, I went to a strange trading city, into the knitwear factory, began to deeply contact the fabric molding, dyeing, styling, sewing process and all the raw materials and accessories required.

      After working for a few years, a relative asked me to work at his factory in charge of customer maintenance. Then I began to contact a lot of customers, and foreign trade and domestic customers have different needs. One day, my relatives told me that they were getting old and wanted to find someone to take over the factory. They thought I was the right person.

      In this way, I from a novice who does not understand the industry, slowly honed into a person in the industry, and grow up with customers. Many customers recognized my integrity and steady, meticulous and responsible attitude towards work, and finally became good friends of cooperation.

     Business is only a part of my life, I also have ideals and pursuits. I never thought I would run a business before, I just wanted to have a good paying job and have a lot of time to travel and do fun things.

     Maybe this is a kind of practice, if we are lucky enough to meet at work, it is a kind of fate arranged by God. God wants me to serve you well. My sincerity can move people who meet in this world.

High-speed seamless underwear knitting machine, cylinder forming weaving technology, the fabric is high elastic and soft, comfortable and not tight, saving the fabric and improving the work efficiency. Pattern and structure, can be adjusted according to the sample machine to set the knitting structure and pattern.  For business cooperation, please contact email: rogersleesen@gmail.com