Mythological Novel - Peach Blossom Forest4

The two maids watching the way at the gate of the palace looked at Princess Greensleeve for a moment, and quickly took her message. They divided the flowers and whisked the willow all the way, and led us eight in together.

Along the way, the Crystal Palace, which should be bright, is more gloomy than the fox hole. Fortunately, there were some soft luminous pearls along the way, which barely made me fail. Material less than this generation of East China Sea water Jun, grade unexpectedly peculiar became such.

But there was something interesting about the small scene of the pearl along the way. I could see that he had put some thought into it.

There were still some hours to leave the banquet, but the immortals in the hall had gathered into a group of three, two together to make a pile. When Daddy celebrated his birthday, all the guests were present, but none of them came at the right time. But now the East China Sea water gentleman to the boy do a full moon of the meeting, no matter the gods are so enthusiastic, want to think the world has really changed, now the gods, mostly are idle.

The two maids lead the green sleeve princess to the front of the East Sea water Lord. This generation of the East China Sea water gentleman, between the eyebrows quite a few minutes of his ancestral elegant demeanour.

I fell back and mingled with the gods, turning to find a servant to take me to the wing for a rest. After a long journey, she was a little tired, but she did not want all the living creatures in the hall to be staring at Princess Greensleeve in a daze.

To put it politely, Greensleeve's appearance, among ancient gods, was normal, and far inferior to that of my sisters-in-law. It seems that there are no beauties among the gods of this generation.

Looking at their appearance of infatuation, perhaps it is not easy to see a beauty, I am ashamed to interrupt, around for a while, since find a window to slip out, the heart of the first to find a place to take a nap, to open the banquet after sending gifts to eat dinner, early back. Migu saw me off with a sulky look on his face. Although he refrained from asking him for fear of his nagging, I thought about it in my spare time, but I was still curious and had to go back and ask him.

Turn nine twists and eighteen turns, so big a Crystal Palace in the East China Sea Leng did not find a suitable place enough for me to lie down, is preparing to return to the hall, but suddenly do not know the direction of return. A touch sleeve pocket, only to find the millet branch is not. Great, because I know my way around, not to mention the feast, but I'll be thankful to be back before the feast is over.

There is no way in the world, randomly walk a walk, always can go out. Four brother this sentence taught me deeply thought, at this time lost lost valley branches, rather than sit and wait for death, it is better to take a random walk with luck.

Who expected to this walk, unexpectedly broke into the East China Sea water gentleman home garden.

I have to say that the taste of this back garden matches the style of the whole palace. A really brilliant green, there is a maze of amorous feelings. I had been walking with my legs up for an hour, but had not found half an exit. It SEEMS THAT THIS PLACE IS REALLY WONDERFUL. It is not only a beautiful scene but also a place where people can be kept. If there are any enemies of the Donghai Water Lord who come to seek quarrels, they can be shut down to his back garden, and I guarantee that the Donghai Sea will enjoy Changan for a hundred years.

Many hours had passed, and they were still circling in the same place.

Think for a while, or let the fate of the fate.

At a nearby fork in the road, he stooped to pick up a dead branch from the ground, weighed it in his hand, and dropped it with his eyes closed. The branch fell, its double - branched side pointing steadily to the left. I clapped my hands to remove the broken leaves from my fingers and turned to the right path.

God has always been the most love to play people, meet this need to resign to the fate of the situation, and God is really wise.

I admire myself in my heart. For more than an hour before, I had been wandering back and forth in this garden, not to mention people, not even a mosquito. This branch so lost, the opposite fork in the road so turn, but walked a hundred to ten steps, met a live glutinous rice ball.

Glutinous rice balls in white tender, head with two horns, wearing a dark green brocade robe, lying on a cluster of two people high green coral, a little attention, will call him and lying on the coral into one.

Looks like the son of some god.

Nympeltatum: I saw him with an interesting look down and pull out the green envelope on the coral, leaning over and saying, 'What are you doing, glutinous rice ball?'

Without looking up, he said, "Pulling weeds, my father said that the coral hidden under these weeds is a beautiful thing on the bottom of the East China Sea. I have never seen it before, so I want to pull it up and have a look."

Father gentleman? It turned out to be a small son of the Heaven clan.

I saw him pulling hard, a moment of compassion, can not help but offer a helping hand, out of the sleeve of a fan handed to him, said: "With this fan, gently, the floating heart growing to no trace, coral more outstanding."

He took the grass with his left hand, and with his right he took the fan from his hand and slapped it very casually.

Suddenly a gust of wind from the ground, with the whole Crystal Palace three shocks. The blackened sea surged and roared at a height of ten feet, full of life like a sword out of its sheath and a wild horse out of control. In less than half a tea time, the original dark Crystal Palace of the East China Sea water Lord is a new look, how bright two words.

I was a little surprised.

How much power can break the cloud fan play, has always been to see how high the fan of the fairy power. I did not expect the glutinous rice ball to be so young and so powerful, but gently a fan, overturned the entire taste style of the Crystal Palace in the East China Sea.

I really want to clap my hands and praise good, hard to hold back.

Small glutinous rice ball son fell on the ground, dumbfounded, looking at me, rang: "Am I in trouble?"

I comfort him: "Rest assured, make trouble not only you a person, that fan is I give you......"

Before I FINISHED, THE eyes OF THE small GLUTINOUS RICE BALL suddenly opened the ELDEST brother, I think it is probably my three quarters of the white silk face, in his a child's home more or less scary. I was about to raise my hand to cover up, only to see the small glutinous rice ball Chengcheng rush to my legs and hug me, Shouting: "Mother --"

I be silly.

He just hugged my leg and tore my heart out. He accused me firmly: "Mother, why did you leave A Li and father......" By the way, he wiped his tears and snot at random on my skirt.

I was called to be afraid, is going to help him to recall memories, the sea of changes in more than one hundred thousand years, I am not really dry this throw husband abandoned son of the business, but a very low voice sounded behind: "Su... Vegetarian?"

The little glutinous rice ball raised its head sharply and called Father Jun in a soft voice, but still clung to my leg.

I can't turn around because of him. And because he did not know how many generations, embarrassed to bend over to break his fingers, helpless dry standing.

The father had hurried a few steps round to me.

I bowed my head again, so close that I could see nothing but a pair of cloud boots with black soles, and a dark moire train in a corner.

He sighed, "Plain old."

I just suddenly this voice plain call, worthy of be not just in this god.


It happened that the small glutinous rice ball rubbed his eyes. I quickly took a step back and looked up with a smile: "The fairy friend's eyes are not good, I'm afraid I'm mistaken."

When he didn't respond, I was surprised. From the original grass, spring sleep does not feel xiao, small glutinous rice ball his father's face, but...... It's like my teacher, Moyuan.

I'm in a trance. No, this guy looks like Ink Deep, but he's not Ink Deep. He looked younger than Moyuan.

Seventy thousand years ago the chaos of the ghost clan, Tianhe surging, red flame burned empty, ink Yuan will be the ghost king Qing Cang locked in the east of the water if the emperor clock, their repair to disperse, die of fear. I tried my best to save his body, brought it back to Qingqiu, and put it in Yanhua Cave, where I kept it with a bowl of raw blood every month. To this day, he is still lying in the Yhwa cave.

Moyuan is the eldest son of the father God, the god of the world who is responsible for music and war. In fact, I never believed that one day he would die. Even now, I occasionally dream back at midnight, but I still don't believe it. Every month a bowl of heart blood will keep him, but also always feel that he will wake up one day, and then call me a small smile. Day by day, he waited for seventy thousand years. It was a long time.

Shensi is Dimly discernibling to recall this sad past, but did not pay attention to the glutinous rice before the father suddenly raised his hand. I closed my eyes reflexively as the wide sleeves flitted before my eyes. He had already unashamedly lifted the white damask from my eyes and caressed my forehead with a cold finger.

Glutinous rice ball in the side shaking voice shout ah ah ah Dengtuzi Dengtuzi.

Denizen. That's a good word.

For MANY YEARS, I have been kind and harmonious, even that year red fox phoenix nine boiled Buddha jumped the wall to my hole before the GanoDERma grass pulled out, I did not care with her. And now the veins of his forehead danced merrily.

The word "unbridled" came out. For many years did not use these two words, long broad review, has been slightly unfamiliar. How many years has it been since anyone put a dent in my head?

Glutinous rice ball about I was shocked, holding my skirt Angle timid timid way: "mother...... Is your mother angry?"

His father did not stir for a long time.

In order to hold the air, the most important six words are: the enemy does not move, I do not move. However, to hold the style enough and pinch it heavy enough, the last ten words are important: if the enemy moves first, I never move.

Although tens of thousands of years did not come out of the green hill, put up the shelf, fortunately I did not hand born.

Glutinous rice ball son looked up to see his father, and looked at me, silently toward me to stick a stick, like a pot stick whole stick on my leg.

The father OF glutinous RICE BALL SON was silent for a long time. He lifted his hand and tied the white damask for me again. He returned two steps and said, "Yes, I mistook her for someone else. Just now, I'm offended."

From this close distance, I could see that Tuanzi Dad's black brocade robe was embroidered with dragon patterns of the same color.

I still remember some of the immortals' rites. In my impression, the nine kingdoms of Heaven are the most strict in their rites. In addition to the family of the emperor of Heaven, who is poor and blue, no immortals are so happy that they dare to embroider dragon patterns on their clothes and robes. Well, that's a pretty big deal, then. Look at his hand to pull the glutinous rice ball, I suddenly understand, this black brocade robe of youth, can not say is the day Jun that proud grandson night Hua Jun.

My anger, immediately disappeared half.

Lord Night, of course I know, he is my father's dragon husband, young age, promised to be my husband.

Left the day clan with the enmity of green hill, alone on the night China and I two people alone, such Qiongzhi Yushu like only fifty thousand years old youth, karma will want to be married with the old woman of fourteen hundred thousand old age, little can not be a thing that makes one deplorable. We're actually very sorry about Greenhill.

I have been deeply sorry to him for this relationship. Even now, though I was offended, the thought that he was the Lord of the night gave me the illusion that I had offended him. The OTHER HALF OF THE GAS ALSO INSTANT SWALLOW INTO THE STOMACH, ONLY WORRY ABOUT THE attitude is not kind enough, THE smile on the face is not kind enough, back to his just that sentence explanation: "SAY what offense is not offensive, fairy friend is polite to tight."

He gave me a cold, deep look.

I stepped aside to let the way out. The little glutinous rice ball still sniffs and calls me mother.

Since sooner or later I have to really go to be his stepmother, at this time to refute the expression of affectation, I smiled, the little glutinous rice ball eyes a bright foot will pounce, was held by his father.

Night Hua Jun looked up look complex to see me one eye, I reported him a smile.

The glutinous rice ball still struggled, he simply picked it up and soon disappeared around the corner.

As I watched them disappear until I could not even see the corners of my coat, I suddenly remembered a great event: I am now, in fact, lost in my way, let them go, who will take me out of this garden?

He hurried to catch up with her, but he could not even see her.

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