Mythological Novel - Peach Blossom Forest6

I heard myself laugh dryly twice and say, "Very excited." I never had a chance to explain to them, I just rushed to catch up with them, just want them to pass

I'll take you out of this fucking garden. But the present situation, messy as it may be, is all the same.

Since night Hua appeared, Shao Xin has been quietly kneeling on the ground. Occasionally looked into the eyes of the night, but there is a bit aggrieved.

If Sang Ji did not divorce, according to the Lord of heaven on Sang Ji's favor, now the prince of heaven, how also can not round night China. But everything in heaven and earth has a cause and effect, cause and effect. Mulberry books have planted that cause, and it is natural to bear this seed. I had merely put a few drops of vegetable oil on the fire, and added some mild anger to the cause and effect he had to bear.

As the father and son broke off my conversation with Shaoxin for nothing, I was in a good mood. Before I left, I put the broken cloud fan back in Shaoxin's hands and said to her, "I only give you one wish: go back and think about what you want from me. When you have decided, come to Qingqiu to find me. With this fan, they won't stop you this time."

Night Hua looked down his eyes and looked at little Xin. His eyes turned to me and said, "I thought..." But stopped short and said, "That's very kind of you."

It is true that such a trifle, which is neither good nor bad, is to be with her master and servant and to be idle, is a great favor to her, but it is nothing to me. But it is not reasonable to elaborate on this with him, and casually say: "Sensible, I have always been so kind."

The small glutinous rice ball son looked at the fan in the hands of the little Xin reluctantly, longing way: "I also want."

I rubbed his head: "Still a child, what kind of lethal weapons." He took a piece of candy out of his pocket and gagged him.

Night Hua really good sense of direction, surprising.

At the entrance to the garden, I thought to myself that it was not wise to appear with Night Hua at the banquet in the East China Sea. I raised my sleeves to say goodbye. The small glutinous rice dumpling immediately made a great grief than the appearance of heart death. I was very difficult, so I had to pacify him against my will: "Now I really need some trifles. If I have to, I will meet you tomorrow."

Small glutinous rice ball is silent for a long time, but quite understand the reason, although it is still unhappy, only flat mouth, then with me to pull hook let me guarantee.

Night China in the side of half-smile: "shallow shallow Mo is not afraid of with my father and son two people together into dinner, will cause what gossip?"

Shallow two words hear my instinct to shiver, turn head polite way to him: "Night Hua Jun is love joke."

He does not say whether or not, smile benefits deep, this appearance has a bit of that year Moyuan style.

I was dazed for a moment by the light of the smile, and when I came back he took my hand and whispered, "So Shanyan knows that you and I are already engaged, and there is nothing to be avoided."

His hands long slender beautiful, like inadvertently cage my left hand, look leisurely, eyes still contain a smile. Now his expression, and that to pick my white damask cold God, it is not like the same person.

I have mixed feelings, and suppose that in this day and age married young men and women generally laugh at each other in this way. This world, than when I was a child of the world is too bold and unrestrained, do not often come out, it is easy to be out of sync with The Times. But the case of the gods is somewhat peculiar. He these romantic state, this God wants to do naturally is also to do, but the thought of me in this flower world has lived ninety thousand years, night China he just hit the womb fell out, then suddenly feel with him to do this intimate form, this God is too wretched. Isn't that, like, a crime? Can rashly take out a hand, appear again this on the spirit demeanor is not generous enough.

After much reflection, I raised my right hand to touch his hair and sighed with deep affection, "When I was engaged to your second uncle, you were not yet born. In a twinkling of an eye, you have grown so big. Time is a cruel thing."

He leng Leng, I take advantage of the situation will be two hands back, and he again point a look back, and then leave.


His three stalling sounds are really unreasonable, the only road is now blocked by him, not to say that the God is now in human form, even if a water mosquito, it is difficult to squeeze past.

I stepped back two steps, sincerely praise: "water gentleman good body method, two more steps, the old body was killed by you."

He a Chinese face rose like coral, worship a worship night, and obediently greeting two small glutinous rice dumplings, just turned to see me, face dew frost, a pair of tiger eyes a few tears: "I do not know where the prince offended the fairy liao, but to fairy liao in the prince's wedding day, take your garden angry."

I immediately ashamed, the original is the east.

Night Hua in the side of the cool cool watching, from time to time stretch out a hand smooth small glutinous rice ball hair.

In fact, at best I can only count as an accomplice, but the small glutinous rice ball called me a stepmother, I can not give him out together. This dumb loser, can only eat by himself. However, I was curious how he had discovered that I had subverted the design of the garden, and could not help asking.

The East China Sea water gentleman angrily blew his beard and glowered his eyes, pointing to me all over the body trembling for a long time, just calm down: "You, you, you still deny, my garden of coral spirit saw with his own eyes, just that the wind is a green fairy, this is not you want to depend on.

I looked down at his green long coat, and then looked up at a night Hua under the dark green glutinous rice ball, suddenly suddenly. I'm afraid there was some ambiguity in the understanding of the word "little fairy" in the mouth of the Donghai Shui Lord. This box refers to the appearance, the box is understood as the grade. The small glutinous rice dumpling is the eldest son of night Hua, the great-grandson of heaven, and the grade is not low. And I am wearing this outfit, but really do not see a god. East China Sea water king this mistake is also understandable.

It was my fault. Lord Water of the East China Sea rarely gave birth to a son and held a full moon banquet. Although I was a sincere guest invited by him with a famous post on red paper and black characters, I really touched someone else's bad luck. He determined that I want to deny, although I never thought to deny, however do not know the person is not guilty, I am not general knowledge with him.

The Donghai Shuijun is impatient, and his eyes are torn: "Xianliao destroyed our garden without the slightest bit of guilt, it's too much, my Lord..."

I interrupt his words: "Water gentleman LESSON get is." Carefully RECALLED THE RED FOX PHOENIX NINE EVERY TIME AFTER I OPEN THE OFFENSE IS HOW TO DO SMALL FU LOW, according TO a MODEL CALabASH, BOW THE HEAD COLLECT EYE WAY: "SMALL FAIRY SQUARE IS FRIGHTENED VERY HARD, RATHER out OF shape, ALSO PLEASE WATER JUN HAIHAN. Small fairy perennial guard in the peach forest, this time back out, then rush under such a disaster, although it is not intended for it, but lost the water gentleman interest, also lost the face of the God. The SMALL FAIRY IS ASHAMED UNCEASINGLY, RETURN PLEASE WATER GENTLEMAN HEAVILY PUNISH, PUNISH WATER GENTLEMAN GAS DISAPPEAR JUST GOOD."

She glanced at me, a pair of bright eyes billow clear light.

Come to someone else's home but demolished someone else's back garden, this matter is actually very shameful, thanks to the East China Sea water gentleman mistaken me first, it is better to let it wrong completely. But it is better to be disgraced than to be disgraced, since it is to be disgraced. In those days I and four elder brother young do not know the matter, both in the outside when Hu mix, all dozen fold the name of Yan. Provoked again bastard matter, FOLD Yan also only slightly smile, if fall on Daddy body, but must pull off our fox skin.

The East Sea water gentleman looked at me in a stupor: "The god in the peach forest is not... Not......"

He held his breath, his expression was solemn, and he even avoided the embarrassment of folding his face. The water Lord, with his broad forehead and square face, was an honest man who obeyed rules and took gifts.

I took out the pumpkin-sized pearl from my pocket and handed it to him with a pot of old wine. I sighed earnestly and earnestly, "But don't you believe me? I can't blame Mr. Water. Indeed, my Lord has never had a party with you for tens of thousands of years. This is because of the green hill of the white shallow on the god, cough cough, on the god she to TaoLin guest, unfortunately embrace ill, but before has received the water Jun's post, do not want to break faith in the water Jun, to send a small fairy to the east Sea Road to congratulate. A point to the pearl: "This is the moon pearl, but white shallow God's gift." Then he pointed to the old wine in his hand: "This is the peach blossom wine that my Lord personally nursed." Dejected and bowed his head: "The king asked the small fairy to chat with this two gifts to show congratulations, be sure to make water Jun more than one point happy. But unexpectedly this small fairy unexpectedly chuang next so great disaster, it is... It's..."

I am about to tears, tears have not crowded to the eyes, the car East China Sea water gentleman is already in a hurry to comfort: "fairy where words, fairy is from afar, not to meet is a small god's fault, but about a garden, so it is also bright." Hand an arch to the direction of the peach grove worship: "two gods miss the small god, this heavy ceremony congratulation, small god can not be remembered." Hand A wave: "THE fairy makes all the way must also be very tired, with the small god to the front hall, eat a cup of fatigue bar."

He was kind, and I was kind. Night China come OVER, EXTREMELY natural GROUND HELD MY HAND WAY: "BUT EAT A CUP OF WINE, FAIRY MAKE REALLY polite TIGHT."


East China Sea water gentleman FLabBERGasted, for a long time, Fang Inane way: "It is broken sleeve deep love."

The original thought is that men and men can avoid suspicion, but do not want to now the gods are well informed, the God this time is really jumped into the Yellow River also wash not clear. Oh, my God.

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